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Official Ticket Contest for Follies Très Bare!

July 27, 2011

Hello, hello friends and fans!

We are officially less than three weeks away from our one-night spectacle!


We are officially announcing our TICKET CONTEST for Follies Très Bare!

The rules are easy-as-pie:

If you purchase online tickets between today and August 1st, you will be automatically entered into a draw to be upgraded to VIP tickets! For FREE!

Don’t delay! Snag your tickets today! Before they sell away!

Q: What are VIP tickets and why do I want them?

A: As a VIP ticket-holder, you are given the privilege of the best seats in the house! If you’re the winner and would like to be seated with a guest making a separate purchase please let us know via e-mail –

Spread the news, and good luck!


Toronto Burlesque Festival 2011 Wrap-Up & Thoughts

July 26, 2011

The glitter has finally settled after another epic weekend of the Toronto Burlesque Festival!

After many months of anticipation, I was privileged to perform among and view some of the top local and international talent in the realm of burlesque, cabaret, and vaudeville entertainment.

On the Friday night gala at The Gladstone, the room filled instantly. Who else, other than Keela Watts could have captivated a buzzing room of energy with a single opening note? (Her sensuous movement in a blue sparkling fitted-gown did help, it but could not negate her vocal chops!)

Glamour Puss Burlesque’s Rubie Laframboise took to the stage early in the show with her maddening and mystical Mad Hatter act. The crowd, and yours truly went hoarse with cheering!

Glamour Puss Burlesque performed our Bolero act for the first time since its winter debut. The act has had opportunity to refine, and we truly felt like ‘birds of paradise’ in our feathered and bejeweled costumes by Betty Monroe. The level of feedback we received hit us sideways!

Boylesque T.O.’s Wrong Note Rusty called it “Epic.”

GCB’s Fionna Flauntit reviewed it as “…absolutely breath taking. It was rhythmic, beautifully choreographed, perfectly in sync and so unique. I can’t say enough, speechless.”

How could we possibly articulate a more meaningful way to say thank you? Well, we’re trying. 🙂

The Saturday night Burlesque Ball was at the Mod Club. Although I spent the first act backstage, the roars of laughter, excitement, and titillation heard from two floors below could mean nothing but quality entertainment!

This was also the night that I premiered a new duo tango act with Carlos Caliente. It was dramatic, saucy, with a touch of maniacal. After our performance, the uncertain moment we felt as we returned to the change-room was short-lived as Dew Lily simply approached us and said “… HOT.”

The rest of the Saturday night show that I was able to watch was phenomenal. No words other than phenomenal.

If I could speak about every act, I would. Unfortunately, that would make for a very lengthy blog post, and what would I possibly write about the acts that left me speechless?

Summarized highlights for me include: the decadent Billie Black who sang and performed on silks while in elegant rope bondage, the fierce Tanya Cheex as ‘Lady Bug-off’ (with Boylesque aphids Wrong-Note Rusty and Mahogany Storm), Amber Ray, as a spectacular evolving butterfly, Coco Framboise stylin’ with a lush boa, and last year’s Burlesque Queen Roxi D’lite as an island goddess on aerial hoop.

This leads me to two boylesque (more like WOW-lesque) performers who blew my mind with completely different styles of performance.

1. Evil Hate Monkey performed his “Prima Primate” act, which was full of bananas, absurdity, and him. Dancing. En pointe. In a tutu.

That man -er monkey had the best use of a tutu than in any ballet I have ever seen.

Watch it here:

2. Jett Adore absolutely won the crowd with his peacock act. This was one of those acts where you struggle to find the words to describe it. Inspired, with a touch of cirque.

I’m not sure who said it, but “there wasn’t a dry seat in the house.”

See it for yourself:

Anywho, this is simply my snapshot of the weekend. To all of the committee members, stage & tech crew, volunteers and superstars, I say: Thank you, thank you thank you! Take a well-deserved bow.

GPB’s Newest Production, “Follies Très Bare” is coming to you August 14th!

July 26, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen,
Glamour Puss Burlesque presents a spectacle of spectacles!

Welcome et bienvenue to Follies Très Bare! Leave your troubles at the door as we mesmerize you with our newest production. Inspired by turn of the century Parisienne cabaret with a modern twist, we bring you the sources of enchantment from all over the world. Join us for a night of dance, love affairs, comedy, and cheeky wit in our interactive show.

Featuring live music, burlesque, comedy, artists and surprises galore!
Dress to impress.

Tickets are $15 Advanced and $20 at the door. VIP tickets are $30 for guaranteed cabaret seating.
Buy tickets here:​event/646813637

Doors open at 8pm, show begins at 9pm.

Location: Revival Nightclub, 783 College St. Toronto, ON

Frenchie Fatale
Paralee Pearl
Kinky La Femme
Rubie Laframboise

Emcee: Dick Dastardly
Chanteuse: Lady Adelle
DJ Watt Nott

Guest Performers:
Aviva – Bellydancer
Bain & Bernard – Comedians
Carlos Caliente – Dancer
Kitty Kerosene – Fire and Circus Entertainer
Baldini & Alex Kazam – Magicians

Thank you to our generous sponsors:
Betty Monroe –
Dragon Lady Comics –​ges/Dragon-Lady-Comics/233​80812908
Good For Her –
The Silver Snail –
Yonge Street Tattoos –

Vendors and Artists:
Pretty Bird Accessories
Pasties by Corinne Cupcake
Glamour Puss Burlesque, featuring goodies donated by “Cake Art by Jade” –​ofile.php?id=1000017728844​07
Blonde Moxie Make-up – http://www.blondemoxiemake​
Eric Kim –

Glamour Puss Burlesque is Toronto’s most dazzling burlesque troupe, and the 2010 award winner of “Best Troupe” at the Great Burlesque Exposition.

Don’t miss out on this one-night treat!


Glamour Puss Burlesque

Photos taken by Steve Alkok, Flyer designed by Jeff Arnott.

New Production Coming Spring 2011

November 2, 2010

Hi friends and fans,

I just wanted to inform you that Glamour Puss is taking a little bit of a break in between productions but the wait will be worth it!  In the meantime time you can still catch us at various events and shows.  To stay in the loop about upcoming performances check the “Performances” page on our website or join our facebook page

Top 10 Reasons to Attend “Burlesque’s Most Wanted: The Encore” This Friday

August 26, 2010

If you needed any more reasons to come (or come back):

1. Be dazzled! Come see for yourself why Glamour Puss Burlesque was voted “Best Troupe” at the Great Burlesque Exposition 2010.

2. Phenomenal guest acts! Bellydancer Aviva, fire performer Kitty Kerosene, and the comedy of Bain and Bernard.

3. Shopping! Peruse our Glamour Puss Burlesque marketplace with new GPB t-shirts, pins, lingerie, and other tasty and dangerous treats. Win yourself a little something by entering our 50/50 draw.

4. Sugar, sugar! Extra eye (and real) candy with gorgeous candy girls and go-go dancers.

5. Live jazz! Lady Adelle serenades you with scintillating tunes.

6. Wow! Bonus surprises and interactive contests that will knock you off of your chair laughing.

7. Sketch! Artists Eric Kim and Deryk Ouseley will be wowing you with visual excellence during the show, and sketching ‘wanted poster’ caricatures of all of you fellow rapscallions and criminals for only $5 a pop.

8. Mystery! The all-knowing Rogue will sizzle as she tells your fortune and looks into your future in her nomadic cove.

9. Dance! DJ Watt Nott will be spinning the best toe-tapping jazzy electro-swingin’ sets to dance the night away.

10. Party! You gain entrance into our secret speakeasy (so you get to dress up, and have a reason to wear that dress, hat, or accessory that you think would be “too sexy” for the office..). Don’t worry folks, we have plenty of moonshine and rum runners in this joint.

How to win FREE tickets to “Burlesque’s Most Wanted – The Encore”

August 19, 2010

Howdy friends and fans!

We want to thank you for your love and support over the past 3 years. We are going to be posting more on our Facebook fan page rather than our old group, so to keep up-to-date, check out our NEW Glamour Puss Burlesque fan page!


Enter our 3-step CONTEST to win FREE TICKETS:

1. Invite your friends list to the fan page.

2. Post on the wall letting us know that you have invited your friends.

3. Cross your fingers! We will be entering all valid names into a draw and announcing a winner on August 23rd.

Dancer Answers #8

August 1, 2010

Q: “How would you respond to the critique of burlesque catering to men and placing yourself in a position of submission?”

A: That’s an interesting comment. In actuality, I see this sentiment with a reversed point of view. As a performer, you are inviting the audience into your world, into your act, as you tell your story. You have complete control of what, how, when, and how much (or little) you reveal both physically and artistically to the audience. This is not a position of submission. If you look around at an audience during a truly well-done burlesque act, the facial expressions alone can answer this for you. They include: being entranced, feeding off of the energy the performer is putting out, to a state of sheer enjoyment (or mind blowery). Among the first performers to come to mind who can really draw an audience into their world is Dirty Martini. Last week, I was fortunate to watch her Godfather act live at the Toronto Burlesque Festival. A packed venue of people were literally hanging onto her every bit of story telling, movement, facial expression, and choreography simply wondering what will come next! This is the power of burlesque.

Who does burlesque cater to? The simple answer is: to anyone who enjoys burlesque! An appreciative and responsive audience is valued regardless of gender, orientation, race, class, or nationality. Especially given the array of performers who are varied in the above categories and rainbow of styles they can perform, there truly is a little something for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.

Burlesque as an outlet gives an opportunity to express yourself (or your character), and can provide a voice in a way that is unmediated by anyone except oneself. The audience adds energy, and their enthusiastic response is always appreciated by the performers, but they are secondary. It is our expression through our art that is paramount as they travel with us through the journey that is burlesque.

Do you have a burning question about burlesque? A question about Glamour Puss? From the complex to the silly, we’d love to hear it! *YOU WILL BE ANONYMOUS* Please e-mail with “Dancer Answers” in the subject line.